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About Our Relationship Coaching Services

Dating Tips for Women

Men do love a challenge but dating and relationships don't have to be so challenging for you! Whether you are single or married, separated, divorced or widowed, trying to help a friend or family member in a troubled or non-committed relationship, or just looking for some good fun advice, Rewarding Relationships can help you!

The Rewarding Relationships Program covers topics such as makeovers, marriage, meeting men/women, dating, same sex relationships, getting him/her to commit, relationship communication, texting, online dating, Facebook, posting ads & photos on dating websites, dating as a widow, dating after divorce and dating as a single parent.

Rewarding Relationships was created with lots of love, and most importantly, real life experiences. Maya Ezratti, owner of Rewarding Relationships, LLC, is a certified Rules Dating & Relationships Coach trained by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider, authors of The Rules Book, the manual for Dating with Self Esteem, Playing Hard to Get, and getting the Rewarding Relationship you have always desired.

Ask yourself:
  • Devastated from your divorce or awful breakup and feeling clueless about how to move on?
  • Confused about online dating? Don't know which photos to choose or what to say in your profile?
  • Are you tired of making mistakes with relationships and getting hurt or dumped?
  • Are you having trouble meeting men, getting men to ask you out, or to commit to you?
  • Are you finding it difficult to meet a quality girl, getting her to say yes to dates or having a long term relationship?
  • Looking for a fool-proof plan that works with men and women?
  • Interested in improving your dating and relationship skills?

Rewarding Relationships will help you solve your relationship troubles, questions and concerns.
Discover great Tips for Dating & Romance and get ready to have your own Rewarding Relationships!

Also, learn that sometimes, it's just time to say NEXT! Learn how to Move On from an unhealthy,
unsatisfying and unrewarding relationship.

Now is the time for you to take charge of your relationships, regain control and set boundaries in your life!

Find the Rewarding Relationships you deserve and desire.



With love & happiness,
Maya – Relationship Counseling