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Maya is an absolute inspiration. Her energy and constant determination is contagious. Being single and in the dating world is not an easy thing, sometimes you just want to give up. Maya reminds you that what you are actually giving up on is...yourself. And that is absolutely NOT an option. Get up and get out there...I learned that from her!

- Sandra D.
Never Give Up, FL

I am proud to say Rewarding Relationships worked for me. I was insecure and very shy and with Maya's help I learned that you can't go through life worrying about rejection. It was a rough transition but I went from someone who couldn't approach a girl to knowing that it doesn't matter if one person says no, you move on and keep looking to meet someone else that says yes and is interested in you. Maya gave me the confidence I needed to be out there in the dating world feeling comfortable in my own skin and continued to give me advice when I finally found the woman who is now my wife.

- Joseph E.
Happily Married, FL

I am so incredibly lucky to have met Maya and become involved in the Rewarding Relationships program. In addition to being a fabulous, effervescent and special woman, Maya, with her undying positive energy, gave me the courage and support I needed to re-enter the dating scene. The eternal optimist, Maya taught me ways to make my new single life fun and opened my eyes to the possibility of finding true love. I am so thankful for all of her help and cheerleading along the way for what would have otherwise been a daunting experience! If you are single and ready to mingle, you MUST enlist her services. Truly incredible!!!
FYI .. just got married thanks to Maya!

- Nico L.
Happy Newlywed, NY

Not only did Maya give me great advice on how to look my best, but she actually took the time to show me! Maya is extremely hands on with her advice. She took the time to help me pick the best look for my body type. I don't know how she knows, but Maya knows what men want! As soon as she helped me improve my look my then boyfriend, now husband, literally noticed me more that same day. She has helped me, both inside and out, and on top of that I truly consider her one of my closest confidants.

- Jelyse M.
Looking & Feeling Good, FL

I am not the typical girly girl, nor did I know how to express my confidence in a feminine way. Always intimidating men was my issue....and without Maya it would have stayed that way. Thanks to Maya and her amazing guidance I was able to channel my energy into being a confident sexy woman with just enough bounce in my step not to scare men away. Maya showed me how to take the things I loved about myself and use them in a better way to attract the type of partner I wanted. Maya's constant fearless attitude was not only an inspiration, but helped me step out of my stereotypical dating ways, without her, I don't know where I would be. Maya taught me how to be happy again with myself and my choices. If a tough woman like me can be tweaked a bit to find love...anybody can! Thanks Maya!

- Alexandra T.
Heartbreaker, NY

Through the Rewarding Relationships workshops I was given some guidelines and helpful tools to help my stagnant marriage. With a hectic work schedule and raising three children my marriage often took a back seat. Maya was able to help me see that a marriage needs to be taken care of, nurtured and fed. She helped me see that it is truly the foundation to a happy life for me and for my children. She gave me great tips on how to spice things up, and how to change my often negative perception. I had some old habits that needed changing. After leaving the workshops and seminars, I was eager to use the information she gave me and put it to work. I highly recommend taking the time to just LISTEN to her and hear what she has to say. I am so appreciative to the advice she has given to me as it has made all the difference. My marriage is back.

- Anonymous.
Marriage Comes First, FL

Since I've met you Maya, I have changed my life. I've been doing so many new things, things I never even imagined myself doing. I'm living a whole new world and I'm so comfortable and happy! You’ve inspired me. Maya, you told me, ‘To try something different and be adventurous with fashion is not a character flaw. Put on a new dress, wear a new nail polish color, you can take it off if you don’t like it. Wear your hair in different styles, it will grow back if you cut it. Don’t be afraid!’ Those words really work for me. Thank you Maya! I needed that confidence.

- Michelle B.
Confidence Boosted, FL

"I've said it before, and I'll say it again. You ROCK at what you do. Keep it coming! :) "

- Gina D.
So Impressed, FL

I always thought that I was doing the "right" thing when it came to dating guys. After failure upon failure in relationships, I decided to get some help. Through word of mouth, I heard about Maya and her Rewarding Relationships program. At first I thought to myself, what exactly is a rewarding relationship? And then I thought that I needed to be in one of these relationships. I contacted Maya right away and she immediately was sweet, charming and bubbly on the phone and promised me that if I worked with her that I would learn how to have a rewarding relationship. It has been two months of working with Maya and I must say she is FANTASTIC. She is so knowledgeable and has had a lot of experience in this field. I am so happy and proud of myself and now I know all The Rules to dating AND I met the cutest guy a few weeks ago and so far it is going so well...We’re both following The Rules! Big thank you to Maya!!!
He just proposed I can't believe I'm engaged!!

- Max L.
I'm Engaged!, FL

I`ve just met with this energetic young lady who has welcomed me with the warmest smile, encouraged me to be open minded, positive with my thoughts, less judgmental, more objective, not to mention realistic about myself yet, made me feel a lot more confident. MAYA`s enthusiasm simply elevates your self-esteem. She's a source of inspiration to many women. Her method of analyzing emotional situations is ALWAYS candid, logical & supportive. Her knowledge of aesthetics, men, attraction and love is amazing, but to sum it up in a few words, I’ve felt so much better and self-assured after spending an hour with her, I couldn`t wait until her next meeting. Did I mention that she has THE BEST SENSE OF HUMOUR, IS WITTY, SMART AND SOPHISTICATED? Thanks for the great advice, for guiding my thoughts in a different direction and helping me see things from a new perspective.

- Anne H.
Eyes Wide Open, FL

"Thank you again for helping me find the man of my dreams!"

- Fran B.
Happily Married Bride, FL

"I'm so lucky to have you as an amazing model in my life. I just want to let you know that without you I would never have found love or even believed in love. Maya, you gave me the hope to feel whole again, to know that there is a chance at love and I've never been happier in my life and I owe it all to you. No one else has given me the confidence that you have."

- Alyssa J.
Happily In Love, FL

"I wish I could date you but since I can't, I'm so glad you helped me find a girl like you. With just a few touch-ups and some quick new tips, I found the best girl. Maya, you are the coolest. Thanks for helping me out."

- B.L.K.
I Finally Found Her, FL

"Thanks for making me stick to The Rules even when I didn't want to. Sometimes it was tough but I finally met the one and I can't wait for the wedding. Thank you for helping me plan and stick to the plan!"

- Sharon B.
Love the Rules, NY

"MAYAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! She said YES!!!!!! And it's all because of you!!! Thanks for making this happen. From the best first date ever until now...and now she's going to be my wife. Everyone should hire you!!!!!!!!"

- Joey L.
She Said Yes!!!, NY