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About Maya – Life Coach in Miami

Welcome to Rewarding Relationships

Maya Ezratti is a Certified Rules Dating & Relationships Coach. Since 2009 she has trained and worked closely with Ellen Fein & Sherrie Schneider, authors of The Rules Book, the original manual for dating, relationships and love and getting the Rewarding Relationship you have always desired – all based on the premise that men and women are romantically different.

Rewarding Relationships will help you in dating, marriage, divorce and singlehood, and in learning how to weed out Mr./Ms. Wrongs.

We have all had our hearts broken once before and have gone through confusion, pain and maybe even a little bit of sadness, unhappiness and loneliness regarding the wild world of love. Why not create a NEW, BETTER way to treat yourself? Rewarding Relationships provides you with a support system and a safe place to turn to so you are not alone in the relationship jungle.

If you are serious about marriage, getting married or being the center of someone's life – then Rewarding Relationships is for you. You have NOTHING to lose! No one wants to be alone forever. You deserve happiness & love and a man or woman whom you adore, and who adores & loves you.

Maya coaches men and women on how to remove the desperation and frustration from dating, romance, relationships and marriage.

Let Maya help you have a happy, fulfilled and Rewarding Relationship in your life.

It is time for YOUR HAPPINESS in love & life! It's time for you to have your Rewarding Relationship.